LiLo Plans to Sue Her Victim

We’ve all seen the tape, Lindsay Lohan kinda-sorta hit a guy with her Porsche last week while driving around NYC.

The victim, Jose Rodriguez, may have been released from the hospital with no real injuries, but his wallet is about to be in a whole world of hurt once Lindsay gets through with him. According to TMZ, the often incarcerated actress plans to sue Rodriguez for his comments that she was drunk when she hit him with her car.

Rodriguez claimed that Lindsay “smelled like alcohol real bad.”  Incorrect syntax but otherwise a wholly believable statement based on Lohan’s past.  Lohan and the cops that hung out with her after the accident disagree.  It turns out that Lindsay is a terrible driver, but she wasn’t drunk.


LiLo’s had a hard time regaining the trust of the entertainment industry big-wigs and if they believe that she was drunk when she hit Jose she could lose out on future work…so she’s going to sue the guy.  Lohan told TMZ, “I’m tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck.”

The lesson to be learned here is to never be anywhere that Lindsay Lohan could feasibly show up and hit you with a very expensive vehicle.

–Kimberly Rae Miller, CBS Local

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