Is Khloe Kardashian Really Going to Host the X Factor?

Now that we’ve spoken to Khloe Kardashian, she is definitely our favorite Dash!

Khloe and sisters Kim and Kourtney are going to be at Sears in Yonkers, NY today to celebrate the Kardashian Kollection‘s one year anniversary and the launch of ‘Kardashian Kurves’ for women sized 18-24 and their new holiday collection.

But this morning, we wanted the dirt on the X Factor

“Its like sitting on pins and needles. I asked my mom yesterday, is someone forgetting to inform me of something, because I’m hearing all these rumors. I was getting all these emails from people.. getting congratulations… and I’m like I haven’t had any confirmation,” said Khloe.

Khloe may not have an official welcoming as host just yet, but she does have Simon Cowell’s approval. Well done, Khloe K! We all know how difficult it is to please that man. Just winning him over is an accomplishment within itself.

Simon stated on the Ellen Degeneres show that having Khloe as host would work.

“For Simon just to even speak of me in such a positive way, I’m honored for that. That’s just crazy to me that he said that, which I’m so honored and flattered about. I would love to be the host for X Factor; I love the show. It’s just phenomenal. It would be so fun to do, but I have no idea,” said Khloe.

The idea of Khloe as host of the X Factor appeals to Simon, because her lack of experience would shake up the show’s dynamics and add to the group’s chemistry.

Even though hosting a television show isn’t anything similar to what Khloe has done before, she would be absolutely excited to take on the new project.

“If I do get that opportunity, I would be thrilled and so excited. I would be nervous, because I’ve never hosted before. But I would be so excited,” says Khloe.

With the Fox network still in need of making its final decision for host, Khloe would rather not get her hopes up about possibly assuming the position.

“It was a great opportunity to even audition and just to be considered. I’m very very thankful of that. And who knows it may open more doors if i don’t get this job, but I mean I’m excited about it of course. I just don’t want to jinx myself, ” she said.

Check out the full interview with Jim and Kim below: 

Switching gears, Khloe gave a little insight into her fashion sense after being asked if she would dress Simon if she were given the chance to host the show – you know, since he wears the same type of outfit during each episode anyway.

“It’s so easy for guys. They don’t gain weight and they could wear whatever they like. Throw on a white t-shirt and you’re fine. Everyone has their own personality like Scott. I can’t imagine Scott now not in a suit. And if he’s not in a suit I feel like the world is about to end. People are different and that’s their identity,” said Khloe.

Faux furs, pantsuits and blue grey leopard print are expected to stock the shelves at Sears for the fall Kardashian Kollection. No matter what fashion trends take center stage, Khloe reminds fans to tailor garments to their own personal style and figure.

“Burgundy and these blood wine colors are totally going to be big this fall, but it’s more about taking a color and dressing to however it fits your body. You have to take trends and custom it to your own image; your own body shape,” she said.

As you scope out the fall Kardasion Kollection, keep your fingers crossed for Khloe’s running as the X Factor host.

-Kim Berk & Maria Bonello, Fresh 102.7

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