When you were a little kid, did you have a toy that you were just inseparable from?

A little Nebraska boy named Liam lost his little monkey named Ah-Ah on a camping trip in Colorado when he was only four. He was devastated and somehow his mom found this blue monkey with the singed hair and the crooked tag on eBay three years later. Wait until you see the video of an older Liam being reunited with his Ah-Ah.

I had a doll named Cuddly (that’s what happens when you let a 3-year old name a doll) and I distinctly remember her, because she had a regular doll head but a smushy (cuddly…see how that works) body. I took her everywhere. I had a stroller and a basinette and I loved that doll, but I haven’t seen her in ages!

I can’t even imagine finding her again, but it turns out there is a woman in Florida who specializes in her very own Toy Stories including finding Liam’s Ah-Ah.

Lost Loves Toy Chest somehow found the exact same blue monkey with the singed hair and crooked tag that Liam lost when he was a toddler. But it’s the video of Liam being reunited with his long-lost Ah-Ah that brings a tear to your eye.

And we talked to Tammy Stavely from Lost Loves Toy Chest to see if she could find Jim’s stuffed dolphin Paulie…

And Jim isn’t the only one looking for his long-lost toy -a dolphin named Paulie! Vanessa wants her pogo stick back…

But both Al and Daniel know where their long lost loves are…

Check out the video of Liam being reunited with Ah-Ah here.

Are there any toys that YOU lost as a child and wish you had back in your life? Do you really miss that sit-n-spin? Do you want to pass on that Red Ryder BB gun to your kids? Sound off in the comments section below!

–Kim Berk, Fresh 102.7

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