iPhone 5… Gotta have it? If you are the type that MUST own the newest and latest gadgetry… but your current iPhone 4S is basically new and running great; there ARE options.

There are a ton of websites willing to pay cash for a trade in (IF your phone is in good condition of course) and some will even buy them back, so you can put it towards the purchase of the New iPhone.

Here are some options:


After speaking to “Jen” at an Apple store in N.J., she said Apple will exchange the phone through the company’s Re-use and Recycle Program found on Apple.com for an Apple Gift Card.


Offered only in stores, some retailers are offering store credit or cash depending on the condition of the phone. This offer is not available online.


These guys will buy back your iPhone. At last check they were paying around $285.00!


They do offer a buy back option but it comes in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

There are tons of sites that offer buy backs and trade-in’s right now but there are also a ton of peeps looking to dump their Apple iPhone 4S… so keep that in mind and Good Luck! As for me, I’m still way good with my “old” iPhone 4… yeah no Siri… but I’m still loving it!

For a complete rundown on the iPhone 5 and entire Apple event, go to CBS San Francisco.

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