Scott Van Duzer, The Presidential Bear Hugger, Explains His Wild Ride!

Scott Van Duzer is the owner of Big Apple Pizza in Fort Pierce, Florida… and that just happens to be the pizza place President Obama decided to stop into for a slice during his bus tour.

Scott was so excited to meet the president – in spite of being a registered Republican – that he picked the president up into a bear hug that lifted him right off his feet!

He’s an instant media star and we just had to call him this morning to find out what he was doing right before he found out the president was coming in.

Scott told us this morning that he was at the driving range and the manager of his pizza place called him 8 or 9 times – but he kept hitting “ignore.” He finally picked up to find out what was so important – only to be told the president was stopping in and that he had 18 minutes to get there before the Secret Service closed down the roads by the pizza place.

“Finally, I answered ten minutes later and I was like ‘WHAT? What could possibly be that important?”

When his manager let him know that the president was coming, Scott said “Yeah OK! The president of WHAT?”

None of this was planned, according to Scott.

“I’ve never really been caught up in a moment, I can say now I have,” Scott admits. “When he came in the door, like Chuck Norris he busted through the front door, and he goes ‘Where’s Scott?!'”

“I said ‘right here sir,'” Scott continued. “He came over and gave me a high five and started feeling my arm… after that I just picked him up. I just got a little out of control I guess, as usual.”

Scott also told us how the Secret Service reacted to his impromptu man hug.

They “got a little nervous,” Scott admits. “They took a couple steps and I put him down real quick. I assured them I wasn’t going to take off with him!”

–Kim Berk & Joe Cingrana, Fresh 102.7

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