The IRONMAN Triathalon Is Coming To New York City This Weekend!

If you’ve never heard of the IronMan Triathlon before, let me tell you why this is such a big deal.

A Triathlon is Swimming/Biking/ Running with varying distances. They are generally divided into two distances: The SPRINT TRIATHLON (Swim 500 meters, Bike 12 miles and then run a 5K) The OLYMPIC distance TRIATHLON (Swim (0.93 mi), (25 mi) bike, (6.2 mi) run. But the IRONMAN is BEYOND a regular Trialthlon.

I’ve done the Sprint Triathlon twice and it’s NOT easy. I’m not the strongest swimmer and man, I THOUGHT I had trained well enough. What I didn’t know was that the water is DARK, not pretty blue like the pool and all these women were kicking me in the face and stomach… HELLO! That’s dangerous. Oh and if something happens to me, how are these lifeguards going to see my green latex covered dome go down? They won’t.

That’s the thing I realized right there…damn, I could die in this thing and no one would see it!

Not to mention I was SO far out of the competition that I was almost the last one in the water and the souls that were next to me were saying their prayers… OUT LOUD! Yeah, not a pretty picture. But 19 minutes later I dragged myself out of the lake and managed to not cry in front of the crowd.

I saved that for the bike!

But I didn’t cry long because it dawned on me – I did it! The scary swim was over and all I had to do was bike and run and I’m done. People thought I was an idiot. I had a grin on my face for the entire bike ride and run because I knew the worst was over! And the finish line and my first Triathlon medal… and yes the beer tent was waiting for me.

Victory! I finished!!! And I loved it! The photo above is my friend Abby and I after we completed our very first Tri at the New Jersey State Triathlon. By the way, she did the swim in 9 minutes! But look at her wing span; plus she’s a swimmer. That does help.

The IRONMAN? A completely different story.

These are serious athletes. The swim will be 2.4 miles in the Hudson River. The bike will be 112 miles on the never before closed Palisades Parkway and the run will be a full marathon; a 26.2 mile run over the George Washington Bridge ending at 81st in Manhattan.

THAT is an Ironman Triathlon. So when you see one of these competitors this Saturday in New Jersey and NYC cheer them on! They could be one of the 900 looking to complete their very first Ironman or the repeat contenders looking to qualify for the IronMan in Hawaii. The most difficult IRONMAN race in the world! Good luck racers and remember to CARB UP!

Click HERE to see the closures beginning Saturday August 11th at 12:01AM.

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–Karen Carson, Fresh 102.7


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