Let’s get one thing straight The Wallflowers never broke up. Instead they went on hiatus after releasing their 2005 album, Rebel, Sweetheart. But frontman Jakob Dylan told CBS Local, their extended break was a little longer than expected.

“When you take a break you end up doing other things which have a lot of demanding schedules,” he said. “People have commitments they just have to finish., like when you’re starting out in groups that’s the only thing they do, they dedicate all their time to it. It’s been a while since we’ve dedicated just our time to the group. So we had to be kind of patient of everybody’s schedules to free up.”

Dylan, who released two solo records during the hiatus, admitted the guys started talking about doing another album nearly a year before they actually got in the studio. For keyboardist Rami Jaffee, who spent his Wallflower downtime playing with the Foo Fighters, that time away made him eager to work with his bandmates again.

“It’s actually a good thing when you take a little break from anything, you start to miss it and it’s a good thing to really miss it,” Jaffee said. “You really want to do it again and make it go to fruition.”

Now, nearly eight years later, the band is back with their sixth album, Glad All Over, due out October 2.  For this one, the band didn’t want to do the same old thing. They specifically knew they wanted to record down in Nashville instead of near their homes in California where it’s too easy to get distracted. The guys also wanted to try and be a little more spontaneous when it came to songwriting, which meant they wouldn’t come into the studio with 15 completed songs, but try and work from scratch.

“The plan was to go down there, and not to sound like we didn’t work incredibly hard on the songs, but we said, we’re just gonna get into the room here and knock things around all day until we find something that we can build a song around,” Dylan said. “The point was to inspire each other everyday rather than me having to bring in finished form songs…just get in there, just bang it around until we found good grooves and good sounds.”

Though the band was trying something new, Jaffee was confident it would all work out.

“I felt pretty cocky going into this record, just knew we had so much to offer,” he said. “This set up in the band, we have a new drummer, Jack Irons. I’ve been a fan of his for a while. We just felt like we could do no wrong.”

In fact, according to Dylan, it just took a few meals to get the guys in gear once again.

“What it came down to was, we had dinner and everybody said, ‘Grab your good ideas and bring them to Nashville. See you there.”

The Walflowers show off this new laidback style of theirs in the video for their first single, “Reboot the Mission,” featuring The Clash’s Mick Jones.

The clip combines black and white shots of the band in the studio with Technicolor scenes of break dancers showing off their moves in various locations around L.A.

Unfortunately, Jakob and the guys never show off their pop and lock. Maybe next time.

Watch the new clip below:

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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