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After a seven-year hiatus, The Wallflowers are back and they want you to listen up. That’s why for one-day only, fans can get their hands on the band’s new single, “Reboot The Mission,” free of charge. All they want is an email and then it’s all yours.

But why would a band willingly give their music away for free?

“It’s only free for a day,” frontman Jakob Dylan explained to CBS Local. “But why not? It all ends up being free eventually. You know just get as many people listening to it without buying it, just checking it out.”

Since the song was inspired by The Clash, the band decided to ask the London band’s legendary guitarist, Mick Jones, to lend a hand on their latest single. But even the band wasn’t sure if he’d say yes.

“We were bold enough to ask, all people can do is say no,” Dylan said. “So we sent him the material and I’m assuming he would have found a way to wiggle out of it if he didn’t like it, so he must have.”

Dylan said Jones was fresh on his mind after seeing him perform last year with his band Big Audio Dynamite and definitely played a part in the making of the song.

“Him doing it is a tip of the hat to us paying homage to his style,” he said.

For “Reboot the Mission” Dylan worked backwards, writing the lyrics after the song had already been arranged by the band. Each day when he walked to the studio in Nashville, where the band was recording their 6th album, Glad All Over, he would write a little. Dylan even found a way to mention each of his fellow bandmates by name on the song, giving them each their props.

“We all deserve a shout-out, “ Dylan said. “The big issue, whose name goes first in the shout-out? Whoever gets mentioned third might wish they were second or first.”

Fellow Wallflower, Rami Jaffee, didn’t mind hearing his name, in fact he could have used a little more.

“Oh yeah, I emailed him the night before, ‘A little Rami here, a little Rami there,’” he added. “It’s just nice to be mentioned.”

With a shout-out to each of the four members of the band and lines like “we’ve had this coming,” some have wondered if the song was meant to officially announce their comeback. But Dylan says that wasn’t on purpose.

“It’s been mentioned that is sounds like a call to arms of the band,” he said. “Maybe kind of, subconsciously, but that’s not what its intention was.”

The Wallflower’s new album, Glad All Over, comes out October 2.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local



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