Jim’s Face Faux-Pas: What Should He Do Next?

Jim has had a goatee for the past 15 or 16 years, so when he decided to shave it off without consulting the misses, he soon found himself in the dog house!

Jim said recently, while on vacation in Naples, Italy, that he was trying to clean up his goatee with a razor and things didn’t go exactly the way he had hoped. So, he made a split-second decision to go ahead and shave his entire face. When Jim walked out of the bathroom and saw his wife, who was blissfully ignorant to his decision, he said “Cupcake” didn’t have the reaction he was hoping for.

“Now, I’m married to this big face man,” she said. “Well, it’s a handsome face, there’s just a lot of it.”

Jim said he thought his wife would be happy with his new look, but she said she would’ve appreciated a warning beforehand.

“Now you look like my little brother,” she said. “I want to pinch his cheeks as hard as I can.”

Jim apologized for not consulting her, and said that he learned his lesson.

“Well, I hope it grows in fast because, otherwise, I’m going to have to give you a facial with Rogaine,” she said.

Listen to what else “Cupcake” had to say below!

One of our listeners, Donna, called in and told us her “drastic change story.” She said she had waist-length hair and decided to cut it all off without telling her husband.

“When I walked in the door, he and my son looked at me, and he was like ‘What the…’ and my son goes, ‘You look like a little boy,’ Donna said.

She said she was shocked by their reactions because she loved her new ‘do!

–Sarah Scroggins, CBS Local/Fresh 102.7

What do you think about Jim’s new look? Should he keep it clean-shaven or grow back the ‘tee? Take the poll below! Also, sound off in the comments section with your own “drastic change stories!”


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