Mark Wahlberg Talks ‘Ted’ with Jim & Kim

You’ve seen the trailers (the clean and red band versions!), you’re probably already wishing you had your own foul mouthed teddy bear as your best friend and you most likely have your own running list of “white trash girl” names by now.

Actor Mark Wahlberg is currently making the rounds promoting his hilarious new movie ‘Ted’ directed by and co-starring Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. This morning, Mark called in to the Jim & Kim show on New York’s Fresh 102.7 to chat about the movie with some of his (and Ted’s!) biggest fans.


During his scenes with Ted, which is an animated character, Mark had to act without a physical partner, but had Seth in his ear feeding him the lines Ted was saying. Working with a comedy mastermind like Seth MacFarlane has to make your ‘day at the office’ a little better, we can only assume, but Mark says there were never instances where Seth purposely made him chuckle – but plenty of takes were ruined anyway.

“Everyday was just a bust up,” Mark said. “But he would never purposely try to make you laugh to ruin a take but you just couldn’t help laughing because the idea is so absurd.” Mark also admits there are “so many lines between me and the bear that are going to be on the DVD that are just going to shock people! It’s one of those movies.”

Somehow, Mark had never seen Family Guy before working with Seth.

“I knew who he was and I knew about Family Guy but I had never really seen the show,” Mark said. And then I read the script and met up with him and I watched it and said ‘oh my god, this dude is out of his mind!”

Being that Family Guy IS a cartoon, you can watch it with the kids, right? Well, perhaps not so much, but Mark had no idea. “We were thoroughly enjoying it until my wife came and ripped the DVD out.”

Photos: Mark Wahlberg & Friends @ ‘Ted’ Premiere >

Looking at the competition Ted has been up against and has beaten since its release: Magic Mike, Brave, the new Madea movie… it must feel good to be on top. Mark said the cast knew people would go see the movie, but thought it would slowly build by word of mouth.

“We were definitely happy,” Mark says, that it took off right out of the gate.

Listen to the full interview below…


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