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Nothing screams ‘4th of July’ and  ‘ ‘Merica!’ like watching a bunch of people cram their faces with as many hot dogs as they can for money.

Nathan’s 2011 Hot Dog Eating Contest champions, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut and Sonya “Black Widow” Thomas, are back this year with an appetite to defend their titles.

With a whopping 62 hot dogs and buns, Joe took home the 2011 men’s title and Sonya, a rather petite, thin woman, took home the women’s title with 40 hot dogs and buns.

The question is, will they take the titles again this year? Better yet, can they beat their own records from last year?

Joe said his girlfriend is also competing in the competition against Sonya. How cute would that be if Joe and his girlfriend both won?!

Since Jim & Kim are not professional eaters, Sonya and Joe coached them in the first pigs-in-a-blanket eating contest. Don’t worry, there was an EMT in studio in case someone needed a maneuver or two, ready with gloves and a defibrillator on hand. We don’t take any chances here!

Both contestants started with 12 piggies on their plates, and they had 45 seconds to eat and swallow, without spitting out, as many as they could. Kim went with a chipmunk method of stuffing her cheeks, while Jim worked to chew and swallow before grabbing the next pig. When the final seconds began to tick by, both competitors started to cram their faces.

When the timer ran out, Kim had fallen short with a score of 8 while Jim had put away 9. The two began to giggle which resulted in Jim having to spit out some of his food in order to breathe, causing him to be disqualified.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… Kim is FRESH 102.7’s first pigs-in-the-blanket eating contest champ.

Congrats, Kim! You win!

Check out Jim & Kim’s eating contest below!

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