Justin Bieber officially graduated from high school last week. Though the pop sensation wasn’t there in person to accept his diploma, we’re hoping he puts that degree to good use. Here are five things Bieber should be able to accomplish now that he has a high school diploma.

1. Balance his checkbook

With the requirement of 3 credits in mathematics to obtain his diploma from St. Michael Catholic Secondary School in Ontario, there is no reason Bieber shouldn’t be able to handle his own finances — to a point. While he has already splurged on a Batmobile, it would be wise for the Biebs to embrace his math skills so he knows where all his money is going. There have been many lawsuits of artists suing former assistants for stealing money and that’s a pitfall Bieber could easily avoid if he starts eyeballing the spreadsheets of where his money is going. Especially since he’s investing in enough social media platforms to land him a spot near the top of the Forbes Celebrity 100.

2. Continued community service

One of the requirements to Bieber’s degree was 40 hours of community involvement activities. While we’re wondering if his 40 hours went to the numerous free shows he held throughout the world for his dedicated fans, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Bieber has often talked about his love for giving back to the fans and if his career is based on this it will no doubt be long lived.

3. Speak a second language

One credit Bieber needed to graduate with was taking French as a second language. This will come in handy when he tours throughout France as Bieber will surely make hearts melt by introducing himself to the audience in French. And who knows, maybe if he puts those skills to use we’ll hear a “Boyfriend” remix in French.

4. Inspire others to graduate high school

Despite his hectic schedule, Bieber was able to take electronic courses and finish high school on time. While school is far from fun, parents everywhere can use Bieber as an example of getting his studies done even as his career skyrocketed.

5. Coin his own words

Shakespeare did it, with his grammar school degree that would have been about the equivalent of a high school diploma — and he is credited with creating thousands of words and phrases still in use today, including amazement, dwindle, gnarled and suspicious. Though Bieber didn’t invent the word swag you’d never know as it’s all over his album Believe. Since he was required to take four years of English here’s to hoping he’ll Shakespeare it up and invent some new lingo on his future albums.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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