Ten years after their last album was released, Matchbox Twenty has finally found their way back into the studio for their fourth album, North. In a recent interview with Fresh 102.7/New York, front man, Rob Thomas, said he thinks it’s been way too long since the last Matchbox Twenty record and he’s excited to share their new music.

Though this is the first record from Matchbox Twenty in a while, Thomas said the band has been busy… busy with touring his solo records and putting out a Matchbox Twenty greatest hits album which they also hit the road to promote.

Their first new single, ‘She’s So Mean’, is a fun song band members Paul, Kyle, and himself wrote about no one in particular, Thomas says.

“I think it was just a story we kind of made up,” he said. “I’m sure, there’s not specific girl that it’s about, but I’m sure that every one of us have dated that girl at some point in time.”

While writing for the new record album over the past year, the band lived together in a cabin in Nashville, TN for three months. As you can imagine, there was a lot of drinking, fighting… and writing going on while trying to rediscover who they were and what kind of album they wanted to put out. After they finished writing, the band went to Los Angeles to begin looking at the songs they actually wanted on the album and realized that they had a great record that they were proud of, which led to the album’s title, North.

“We all kind of felt like we were finding our direction,” he said. “So, something about finding our direction and ‘North’ seemed like a really good album title for that.”

Thomas said the time that the band spent apart gave everyone an opportunity to work for and write with other people, which contributed to the making of their new album. He said that twenty years ago, when they were first starting out, they wouldn’t have been able to sit down and write together the way they do now.

“We did a lot of this writing of this record together,” he said. “It used to be I would write everything and bring it to the band; and everybody has been out writing more and writing for another people and making their own records and it just felt natural for us to all do this and I think that’s something that we probably couldn’t have done 20 years ago.”

Listen to the full interview below…


Matchbox Twenty’s new album, North, will hit shelves Sept. 4.

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