One of the perks about living in NYC is not having to worry about getting tickets. The only ones I’ve ever had the bad fortune of getting were speeding tickets and since I haven’t driven regularly in 16 years, that hasn’t been a problem.

My luck changed on the subway last week…

After the show ended, I headed over to the subway station on Houston to go back to Astoria. I jumped on the 1 going uptown and, of course, the car that I went into had no air conditioning. Although it wasn’t the hottest day outside, the heat inside that subway car was stifling. I saw several people walking towards the door and through to the next car. Even though I NEVER do that, I decided to follow the rest in the hopes of it being cooler.

When we walked through the door, there were two police officers waiting for us. The male officer said to me, “You know, walking between cars is illegal. Can I please see your ID?” After handing over my ID, I realized that I was not alone. 3 other people had all been caught as well. The officer informed us that we were to get off at the next stop (Christopher) along with he and the female officer. After that, we were ordered to line up against the wall while we waited for our instructions, along with the ticket.

When my time came, I was told that it was a $75 fee and I wouldn’t be penalized for it, other than that.

My biggest question for it is whether I should be fighting this or not. Should I? Is this entrapment? Did the officers kill the air to that car? Or was it just a coincidence? Producer Craig needs help!

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