David Nail Turns In Country Cover Of Adele’s “Someone Like You”

It’s not exactly the song you’d expect any country singer to warm up to every night, but since David Nail has previously covered “Red Light” and “Let It Rain,” it’s not totally a shock.

Nail’s friends heard him sing Adele‘s “Someone Like You,” and after they continuously requested a version from him, he decided to release a video. A short while later that same acoustic performance clip became a special VEVO/YouTube David Nail Playlist Promotion.

“When my manager called me to tell me, I thought it was funny,” Nail said. “We did the video just for friends who’d heard me sing the song backstage, and wanted to have access to it. It’s a great song – and it brings so many things out of you as a vocalist, so I wanted to make sure the visuals lived up to it, but I never thought anyone would pay attention to it. I certainly didn’t expect it to turn into something like this.”

Nail also sheds some light on who that elusive consumer just discovering and buying the Adele album might be. “I listen to so little music on the radio because I’m such a sports guy, especially during baseball, basketball and football season, so I was late to Adele,” Nail admits. “But when I finally heard her, that was it! I was completely all about everything she sings, but especially I loved ‘Someone Like You.'”

Nail is one of many who have been keeping Adele at the top of the charts for the last year and a half while slow discover of the pop chanteuse grows and expands beyond her expected audience.

“That this is happening is a really cool thing, because this was just me singing a piece of music that I loved with absolutely no expectations or plans,” Nail said.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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