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Gavin DeGraw recently stopped by the studios at Fresh 102.7 in NYC to chat with morning personalities Jim & Kim. Gavin, a New York native, has been trying to adapt to southern life  in Nashville, TN. However, he can’t seem to stay away from the bright New York lights and 24-hour delivery.

DeGraw said he’s been trying for a while to relocate to Nashville, but he’s having trouble fully submerging himself into a new lifestyle. “Even having a place in Nashville, I’m just not there as much as I end up being in New York,” DeGraw said. “I still haven’t really been able to plant myself in the town as much as I really want to.”

As a New Yorker, food is set as a high priority when it comes to settling into a new city. He said he hasn’t even been able to try Nashville’s Chinese food! Shame. And Gavin knows there are certain staples of New York you can’t get anywhere else, but he’s still looking for Nashville’s version of Katz’s Deli.

As a musician and having a branch of his bar, National Underground in Nashville,  one thing he has been able to experience during his stay  is the bar and music scene.

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He said there are tons of artists in east Nashville, which has many similarities to the East Village and the people who have moved to Williamsburg, Greenpoint and beyond just to afford to be close to NYC.

“No one can really afford to be in New York City,” DeGraw said. “We all know no matter how good the year is you have in New York, you’re always like, ‘You know, an extra, like, thousand bucks would really be huge this year’.”

Another big, important difference (at least to women) between the two cities, is the size of the closets.

Ladies, you heard it here. DeGraw said there’s just nothing quite like a dreamy, Nashville closet. They’re as big as the bedrooms in New York City apartments.

“I’m like, ‘Wow! This is a seven bedroom apartment!’,” he said. “They’re like, ‘Actually, no, Gavin, this is a one bedroom. That’s a pantry closet’.”

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