Jim & Kim’s Eyebrow Intervention: A Little Brow Love Won’t Kill You, Boys

Gentlemen, have a seat and pay attention…

Today on the show we were joined by eyebrow specialist and makeup artist extraordinaire Joey Healy, along with our lucky listeners Kristen and her husband Jason, to give you men a little insight into how simple it is (not to mention how attractive it makes you!) to tame those tumultuous tips.

You can tell just by the way they relate to each other that there will be many years to come between Kristen and Jason – that is if Jason would just give his upper-eye beards a snip. Kristen USED to do it for Jason, but the pain and annoyance got to be too much for him, so their little grooming sessions stopped. And you could totally tell!

Not really. He was hardly a Wookie, but he was a perfect victim.

So we had our friend Joey come in to work his magic on Jason, and we filmed it all for you to watch, listen and learn.

Photos: Eyebrow Intervention >

Here are some tips and tricks from the brow master, Joey Healy himself:

  • Men are so resistant to getting their brows shaped because they feel it has to be all or nothing: caveman or drag queen! Thankfully, in 2012, men are starting to see that the right shape is all about a happy medium…
  • A man of distinction and good taste understands the value of careful grooming. What better to compliment that power suit than a power brow to match? A modern man’s eyebrow shape is undoubtedly achieved with the aid of tweezers and small trimming scissors (and these tools alone). A man looks most handsome with brows that are thick and effortless as long as they are symmetrical and he has two of them! This brow is squared off to start and begins right at the bridge of the nose. Be sure to clear any stray hairs that settle in the inner corner of the eye and creep toward the nose. These hairs create a visual shadow that pinches the bridge of the nose and can give a menacing, rather than charming look. The perfect male brow’s signature characteristic is that it is relatively straight across, moving naturally along the form of the brow bone with strays cleared toward the temple and down to the eyelid. A well-executed trim for those wild, unruly hairs gives the brow a tidy finish. Trimming is a great way to control a particular hair without removing it all together! For gentlemen with light blonde brows or for those with greys moving in, tinting your eyebrows is an excellent way to bring the most out of your masculine shape. A richer brow tone will also immediately enhance your eye color. Remember, less is more is terms of men’s eyebrow grooming. Tip: Avoid using a magnifying mirror so as to avoid over plucking.
  • The perfect male eyebrow relies on an important daily, finishing tool: a clear brow gel. While most brow gels leave the brow crunchy, shiny, even flakey, Joey Healy’s Brow Structure Clear Set provides flexible, clear hold that lasts all day. By sweeping brows upward at a 45 degree angle and grooming the individual hairs into place, men can give a polished finish to their new shape. (Available at www.joeyhealy.com)

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