After John the Cell-Phone Savior called the show yesterday, the big question in the room was how much to offer as a reward! I never had someone find something before but on TV, they always offer some sort of reward for it.

We went around the studio and asked our listening audience as well!

When I first posed the question to Jim and Kim, I was amazed at their differing responses. Kim never even thought to offer a reward and Jim thought I should definitely be giving something for his kindness. I agreed with Jim but I didn’t know what I should be doing!

How much do you offer someone who has just found one of your possessions?

I tossed around several ideas: A Starbucks gift card? Cold Hard Cash? Some other kind of gift card? What does one do to show how much they appreciate what one New Yorker just did for another?


We decided to get some advice from our listeners. Maureen was the first to chime in:


Then Valerie called us with what happened to her when SHE found a cell phone! She received something I could never possibly give!


In the midst of all of this, we had to chat with John about his kindness and meeting up with me…and it turns out he has a silly crush on Kim!


And, finally, Julie had an alternative possibility for me… and we found out what I ultimately did!


What would YOU have done? Sound off in the comments section below!

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