It was only a matter of time. While numerous One Direction female fans have been creating fan fiction, Mark Alan Parsons decided it was time something was written by a dude.

Take all preconceived notions of what you think One Direction fanfic might be and put them aside. The lead animator of award winning series Archer, Parsons’ elaborate 18-minute clip views like a cartoon you’d watch on television. With over one million views on YouTube in two days, he obviously did something right.

“What inspired me was One Direction. I first heard of them back in March, and I was smitten. Instantly smitten. Which that’s how people usually are smitten. I’ve never heard of someone being gradually smitten. But I thought I’d clarify even so,” Parsons told CBS Local.

The cartoon, titled The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction, begins at a restaurant over breakfast with the boys. Soon after, Simon calls in and alerts the band that there is an emergency.

“No time for breakfast, lads. The world needs our help,” Louis says before the band transforms into superheroes.

Parsons explained how he worked on the cartoon over the last couple months.

“I wrote it on April 4, and spent most of my free time since then animating, except for a weekend in Dublin earlier this month to see Simon Amstell perform. He and Harry are neck-and-neck in the awesomeliest-hair-ever competition,” he said.

Months in the making, Parsons further detailed his creative process.

“I didn’t really research; I just learned little bits here and there about them like any normal person does. Well, not normal, but you get what I’m saying,” he said. “Though I did look up their favorite colors to decide what color suits they should be in. I think I read Zayn’s was red, but I had already made Louis red and there couldn’t be two reds, so I picked yellow. It was either that or green. But I had paired him up with Niall throughout the story, so I thought blue and yellow would look good together. I mean, they’re not complementary colors, but they might as well be.”

The cartoon blends several familiar movie elements with amusing, albeit suggestive dialogue between the band members. Parsons admitted to reading up on the band’s fan fiction for inspiration.

“And yes I have read several girls’ 1D fan fiction. If you think mine was off-color, you should read theirs. Filthy,” he said.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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