My girls (Bailey and Allie are now 9-years old) were chewing-challenged when they were puppies. I adopted them together from North Shore Animal League when they were only 6-weeks-old. They are sisters, so they stick together and they could do some major damage to furniture together when they were puppies.

I went through an entire couch… they ripped the cloth off the wood and ripped open the pillows. And once they chewed the corner of the wall… sheetrock and all, right down to the corner beading. Now that they are older, they chew food and bones and if you throw a ball for them to chase, they look up at you with this look in their eyes…”You threw it. You get it!”

But with 1.5 million dogs in NYC, there is now a dog guru in town! Justin Silver is the star of Dogs in the City which premieres on CBS tonight at 8 o’clock and he joined us this morning to break your dogs of all their bad habits…

Justin is a Queens boy who lives in Chelsea and is part dog whisperer, part dog walker, part dog guru. He goes from borough to borough fixing bad habits of doggies city-wide. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he is absolutely adorable and smart himself. And this morning he joined us to solve some problems, including Beth’s dog disco who has an issue with the television…


And I couldn’t resist asking Justin how he feels that my dogs (95 pounds and 77 pounds) sleep in bed with me…


And Laura’s dog has a downright nasty habit…


“Cantelope” is a BAD doggie!

Do any of YOUR pets have bad habits… put them on blast in the comments section below. Don’t worry, they’ll never read it.

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