What would you ask your favorite band if given the chance?

Natalie Pernick prepared a slew of questions of her own and rallied some from friends and classmates before she sat down with One Direction‘s Niall Horan. The 16-year-old interviewed Niall last week for 94.7 Fresh/Washington D.C. before the band’s performance at the Patriot Center.

Throughout the interview Natalie maintained her cool and even stumped Niall a few times. With questions ranging from “If you had an elephant, where would you hide it?” and “What would your strategy be to survive the Hunger Games?” the interview provided plenty of answers many fans have wondered from time to time.

Niall filled Natalie in on his biggest pet peeve which may surprise some.

“I hate stubborn people who won’t move. You can’t meet them in the middle. It’s always their way or no way,” he said.

Later, he confessed that he doesn’t quite understand celebrity when asked what people would wrongly assume about the band.

Photos: One Direction Perform @ NYC’s Beacon Theater

“People may think that we’re not nice people if they meet us on first impressions,” he said. “First impressions are always quite a big thing for people because this might be the once and last time they might meet you in your life and they might catch you in an off minute. Not everyone is going to be smiling all day.”

He further explained that many assume famous people are going to be “a bit off or weird” at first but they’re not.

A self professed foody, Niall admitted he’d never survive the Hunger Games.

“I’d give up because I’d get too hungry early so I’d probably die straight away,” he said.

And just in case you find yourself having tea with One Direction, all the boys like sugar in their tea except Louis.

“I love tea. I have three [sugars]. Back home we call it a builders tea. It’s really strong tea. Loads of milk and loads sugar. You can basically stand your spoon up in it, it’s that strong.”

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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