As this season of American Idol winds down, and Jennifer Lopez’s future on the show is in question, she took time to talk to Mix 104.1/Boston during the finales and weighed in on her favorite performances from the Tuesday night finale shows and own experience as an artist.

 Jennifer Lopez On The Best Idol Performances And Patience

(Mix 104.1/Boston)

First, Lopez weighed in with her picks for the best performances of the night from both finalists.

“My favorite performance tonight from Phil [Philips] was ‘Home,’ his single,” Lopez said. “I mean, I just thought he really nailed it with that song. It’s the perfect single for him. It went different places, like ‘Oh yeah of course that’s Philip,’ when he first started singing it, but then it went somewhere else that made it very unique, individual.”

Not tipping her hand to how she will vote in the end, Lopez also took the time to gush over Jessica Sanchez.

“For Jessica, you can’t deny this little girl. She’s just an amazing vocalist. She’s 16 and she has a lot to grow as far as emotion and performance and all that. But she’s only 16, and her voice is probably one of the most privileged out of the past, I don’t know how many years. I hear singers all the time with this show, thousands and thousands of singers, and she’s probably the best.”

Tonight marks the end of Season 11 for American Idol and there’s certainly no clear-cut winner.

When asked, it seems the Most Powerful Celebrity is not nearly as patient with herself as she has been with the Idol contestants this season.

“I try to be, but I’m not. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I do, just like all perfectionists, tend to beat myself up a little bit,” Lopez said. “But as I’ve matured, I’ve realized that it’s something you do not want to do. I try, I try to be more loving to myself. It’s been like a mantra of mine over the past couple years. It’s something that I’ve actually learned that has some real, real value to it that I’d like to teach my kids as well.”

While Lopez’s return to Idol next season is uncertain, she is booked to tour the world through the fall and will release a new single shortly.

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