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Maybe if you said “nobody,” then it’s you! Apparently there are plenty of sexy dressers out there and we found them all this morning on the show.

It all started with Lauren Odes. The 29-year-old is suing a Garment District lingerie manufacturer because she says she was fired for being too hot.

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Here’s the problem with saying “they fired me because I’m just so hot”…then everyone looks at you and goes… eh, she’s not that hot. We (especially women) love to take someone down a notch that tells you how hot they are.

So the story goes…Lauren says the Orthodox Jewish owners of the lingerie manufacturer were offended by her rather (very) well-endowed chest and after a couple of days of asking her to dress in less-revealing clothes, Lauren says her supervisor asked her tape down her chest or put on a red robe with a big red guitar on it. Now she is suing… and, of course, Gloria Allred is her attorney… because where there is a woman who might have been mistreated, there is Gloria Allred to protect her rights!

So we went on a hunt to find out who in YOUR office dresses inappropriately.

One girl in Maria’s office dresses so sexy that her boss keeps calling her in the office for no reason:


And Carrie works at the police station and has been called in several times for the way she dresses:


Ellen gave up her kids’ kindergarten teacher:


Sound off in the comments section below! Call out your co-workers, put your secretary on blast! It’s the only logical thing to do!

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