A hairy chest is not for the feint of heart. And not every woman is into it. I happen to be one of them… within reason. My boyfriend asked me the other day if I wanted him to wax his chest. He used to when he swam at Fordham, but I begged him not to. It’s perfect the way it is… and it’s contained to the chest. There are no wild patches on his back or other odd spots. I happen to think a hairy chest (but not too hairy) is supremely sexy.

And apparently it’s making a comeback!

Manscaping is beginning to lose favor to a more natural chest hair look. And some of those yummy male celebs that pull it off? Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Henry Cavill…and the actor we dubbed King Chest Hair this morning that set the tone for club membership….

51015961 Hairy Chests Are Making A Comeback!

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Tom Selleck always had a little chest hair sprouting out of his Hawaiian shirts on Magnum P.I. And it turns out he’s never even heard of manscaping!!!


And then the women came out of the woodwork to join my hairy-chested men club including Angie, who prefers that hair in once place only…


Sandy said it’s about time that hairy chests are making a comeback and Raymond has an unusual recipe to put on your chest to grow hair…


And Theresa and Adam were riding in the car with Theresa running her fingers through his chest hair…


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