There are a lot of differences between the boy bands of the ’90s, ‘NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, and the new crop today. For one thing, neither the Wanted nor One Direction can dance. It’s not a diss — ask them and they’ll tell you themselves.

The Wanted’s Jay McGuinness told CBS Local, “I don’t think we set off trying to break the mold of boy bands. I never thought I’d be in a boy band, growing up, but when I joined I didn’t think, ‘We need to change the game people.'”

Nathan Sykes interjected to jokingly say, “I did.”

McGuinness continued, “I knew that I didn’t want to be that sort of boy band that dances in sync, get told how to look…Apart from every other thing that’s different about us, we all, straight away, knew that we didn’t want to be that boy band.”

The guys are a mix of”90s style boy bands, in their presentation and that they were put together by a team, and ’60s boy bands, because they can play instruments and co-write/co-produce their songs.

And, they’ll happily tell you, they feel more kinship to the Beatles than to ‘NSYNC.

“I feel that the Beatles, for me, were one of the best bands in the world,” Tom Parker said. “And they were never a dancing boy band. They were always playing [instruments]. We can all play. I suppose we take a little bit of influence from them in terms of wanting to get up on stage and show people we’ve got another side to us.”

“And just to clarify,” Nathan said, “we are not comparing ourselves to the Beatles.”

Something the Beatles never did, but the Wanted did, is live together. The guys moved into a house they shared when they first came together as a band in order to get to know each other better. They recently moved into their own places. They all agreed they don’t miss it.

“We all basically live on the same road,” McGuinness said. “I think it’s quite cool because we spend all day together. When you get home you’re like, ‘I don’t want to see these faces anymore.’ Kidding, but it is nice to live somewhere where they’re not going to walk in your room while you’re doing…” McGuinness paused dramatically to let the mind wonder just what he gets up to in his room alone.

“It felt like university all the time, didn’t it?” Parker asked the group.

“Yeah, when lived together we were…in each other’s pockets all the time,” McGuinness replied, using a British slang term for spending too much time together. “We see each other every day, all day but I like it. I get sad if I don’t see these for too long.”

Siva Kaneswaran let out a big “awwwww” at McGuinness’s sweet sentiment.

“Not you,” McGuinness joked.”

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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