Is It Bad That I Bought My Wife a Gift Card For Her Birthday?

Ok, maybe that wasn’t actually the issue this morning…it was the way I described the gift card that had my partner, Kim, dialing the phone.

This week is a big week for my wife. Mother’s Day was on Sunday (and I went to the Yankees game with my son, leaving her at home) and her birthday was Tuesday (and by Tuesday afternoon I still had not gotten her a birthday gift and had no idea what I was going to get her).

So when Kim asked me what I eventually got for my wife for her birthday, I might have been a bit effusive in my description of it to compensate for the fact that it only took me ten minutes to pick out and buy (and eight of those minutes were walking back and forth from the parking lot).

So I described her gift as “a really nice, very beautiful gift card from Macy’s.” I guess my partner thought describing a Macy’s gift card that way was a bit much… not that she doesn’t love a Macy’s gift card, she just thought I was over-describing this particular gift card to make it sound like the be all, end all of gift cards until the end of time to make up for the fact that I waited until the last possible moment to buy it – and didn’t spend a whole lot of time or thought into it.

So she picked up the phone and called Macy’s to find out what makes their gift cards so unbelievably nice.

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