Trust Me: It’s A Bad Thing When You Walk Into Your Apartment And Hear The Sound Of Running Water

That would be the sound of running water… and no one is in the shower! And guess who is to blame? A guy in a rent-controlled apartment who pays so little for his place that I was absolutely shocked! I will share how much he pays with you in just a moment.

The sound of water rushing like a waterfall out of my ceiling was definitely not the sound I wanted to hear yesterday. I went into my bedroom and the hot water was pouring out of four places in my ceiling soaking my bed, everything under it and all that I had stored in my closet. I don’t think I have strung together such a colorful string of curse words ever in my life.

I actually took a video of what it looked and sounded like…

I knew I was in trouble when I heard all that water. It actually destroyed my bed…all the sheets, feather bed, feather comforter and pillows were soaked in dirty water and the feather bed had sprung a leak so it looked like I killed Tweety Bird in my bedroom.

So after cleaning up all the water…I had to send six bags to the laundry and dry cleaner and had to run to Macy’s to purchase all the bedding that had been wrecked. And how much do you think that cost? Oh, I took a picture of the offensively expensive receipt…

kim apt flood Trust Me: Its A Bad Thing When You Walk Into Your Apartment And Hear The Sound Of Running Water

Kim’s Receipt

And all of this was the fault of my upstairs rent-controlled neighbor. You see, he won’t let anyone into his apartment to fix things and insists on fixing the plumbing himself. He did a bang up job, don’t you think?

And how much does this man pay for his rent-controlled apartment in the West Village?

Any guesses?

$89 a month!! I am not kidding, he pays $89 a month for his apartment. I was astounded. So I slipped the bill from Macy’s under his door.

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