Jim & Kim’s Office Space: How Long Does It Take You to Do Your Hair in the Morning?

I wish I was a natural beauty. I really do. On a Sunday, I can pull off the sweats and ponytail look with the best of them. But when Michael and I are going out to dinner or a special occasion I like to get all gussied up and that takes me a little bit of time. Guys just don’t get that. I actually won’t let Michael get into the shower until I am three-quarters of the way through getting ready so that I have less time to deal with the…”are you ready?” and “almost done?” comments.

And then there’s my all-time favorite… “I will meet you by the front door!”

It’s a process. This hair doesn’t occur naturally. It takes a lot of coaxing and hair product! And a man standing by the bathroom door peering in at the process with his arms crossed sighing loudly doesn’t make it happen any faster!!

So, we went on a hunt looking for female co-workers to ask them how long it takes them to do their hair in this episode of Jim & Kim’s Office Space…

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