Is It My Dad’s Fault I’m Not Married?

I’m not sure when it happened, but it did. My dad went from saying “wait to get married until you’re a little older and have accomplished everything you want to on your own, including your career” to “what are you waiting for?!” But it did.

I came close to getting married three years ago. I was engaged to a wonderful man but I just knew I wasn’t going to have the long-lasting best friend I had always hoped to have. So I made the hardest decision of my life and canceled my wedding a few months before it happened. I never regret that decision and I am still friends with my ex-fiance, who is a wonderful man. And now, years later, I have been wondering if it was ever going to happen.

Then my mother mentioned my hope chest. The hope chest my parents bought when I was a little girl that was supposed to hold all of my hopes and dreams for the future. But it turns out, it doesn’t hold hopes and dreams, but instead holds a simple, everyday household staple.

That’s right, my hope chest is up in the house we used to visit as a kid in the Poconos… and it holds SHEETS! Sheets?! How can I hope to marry the man of my dreams if my hope chest holds sheets in a vacation house I haven’t seen since I was a little girl?!

So we decided to call my dad this morning and find out what he had to say about the great hope chest debacle… but let me say that it was a much easier phone call to make considering that I have finally met the man I have been waiting for.

Listen HERE!


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