Karmin, composed of engaged musicians Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, could serve as the poster children for how to channel YouTube celebrity into scoring a major label recording deal and a prime gig as musical guests on Saturday Night Live. That record deal with Epic Records has produced their first album, Hello, which is available today, May 8th. Karmin stopped by 102 JAMZ/Orlando recently to chat about the new CD and to perform “Brokenhearted,” “I Told You So” and “Hello,” three tracks from their debut album.

Karmin found inspiration for their current hit, “Brokenhearted,” from the beginning of their own romance. Just out of serious relationships themselves, Heidemann and Noonan both knew there was strong chemistry when they met at a party while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, but were a little hesitant to act upon it.

“It was loosely based on how we actually met,” Noonan said. “After we met we were like, ‘Things went very well.’ We both liked each other and we both thought we were funny. It was like, is it a too good to be true type of thing or was it actually really good?”

After relaying the experience to others, Heidemann realized that the initial hesitation is something many girls experience.

“I was talking to people and a lot of girls go through this, where you are at home over thinking about it major. [You’re] on your phone checking every five minutes, ‘Why isn’t he even texting me or anything?’ So we were like, we should write a song about it because people feel that way.”

Next up for Karmin is the single “I Told You So,” along with an already completed video that Noonan said should be released very soon. The video will find the two taking on roles other than that of potential lovers.

“There’s a lot of acting in that one too,” Heidemann revealed. “It’s actually in a psych ward. I’m a crazy person and he’s a doctor.”

“I Told You So” was the group’s encore number when they appeared on Saturday Night Live in February, where the song drew the attention of none other than Steven Spielberg, who also happened to be on the show. Heidemann revealed that the superstar director made a point to let them know how much he liked the song and its futuristic sonic sound.

– Brad Haynes 102 JAMZ/Orlando

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