The “do not call list” is a total farce. I am getting all kinds of calls on my cell phone from telemarketers and they are driving me crazy! I have even received a few telemarketer texts!!


But I’m not good at getting them off the phone. They roll right over me. Which is funny because normally I can handle myself – but not when it comes to telemarketers. I need your help!!

We got plenty of suggestions this morning with tips on how to get rid of telemarketers.

Listen HERE!

Allison just tells them her husband works for their competitor to get them off the phone…


Steve puts his young children on the phone with telemarketers and they have a long conversation about their day, their upcoming trip to Disney, what they want for dinner…


Alicia picks up the phone and says hello and then doesn’t say anything at all for two minutes, then says hello again and then gives them the silent treatment…


Frankie had a foolproof method to get telemarketers off the line by asking them “What are you wearing?” or is it foolproof…


What are some of YOUR sure fire ways of getting a telemarketer off the phone? Sound off in the comments below… we all need a few good ideas!

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