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Country darling and season four American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood, took time out of her busy schedule to visit Fresh 102.7/New York this week. Carrie gave details about her new album, “Blown Away,” that comes out May 1st, married life, and the memories that the latest season of American Idol brings back for Carrie.

Ever since her Idol victory, Carrie’s career has taken off and she has seen great success in bot the country and pop crossover genres. The “Before He Cheats” singer has won several GRAMMY awards, Billboard Music awards, American Music awards and more. She is a multi-platinum selling recording artist and is about to release another sure to be GRAMMY worthy album on May 1st. Since her last album, Carrie’s personal life has changed and she is now a married woman… with puppies.

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Carrie explained that writing for the new album was a lot different for her than writing anything in the past. “I live a very easy going, chilled out, pretty mundane life on a daily basis when I’m home with my husband, and I don’t want to write about that. I want to write about things that are fun and dramatic and different.”

To make the album more dramatic, the majority of the songs are filled with upbeat tempos and fun concepts. Carrie describes the drama in the song “Blown Away” as “yummy.”

“It sounds different. The story line is a little bit darker, it’s just a dramatic song,” she says.

When asked if she was a dramatic person, she explains that she indeed has her moments. “I have my moments, as any lady does and I say I’m not dramatic but if you ask Mike [her husband, NHL player Mike Fisher], he’d beg to differ. But I think I’m pretty easy going.”

Though she may be easy going, she does admit that when it comes to driving she can actually reach the point of tears. She says that she still has and will always have her Ford that was given to her as a gift during her time at American Idol and that fame hasn’t driven her to get anything fancy.

“I’m a terrible driver. A. I do stupid things and I get flustered really easily so I could never drive in New York. B. God blessed my brain with certain parts that are very active. I can remember lyrics for days, my friends call me jukebox Carrie I can remember things like that. I never know where I am…ever. I need my GPS to take me places on a daily basis, places I have been to hundreds of times.”

A large part of Carrie’s success story is the singing competition reality show, American Idol. Carrie reminisced about the show and talked about how she never misses a finale. “I love to see the new contestants especially this year because the talent is absolutely insane. I think its going to make for a really fun finale and a fun tour. Its hard to pick anyone because they really are on a whole other level.” She also admits that while she is watching, she follows along and goes on Google and Youtube to see what she was doing that week during her time on the show.

“I love to relive it and I do know what they’re going through and I definitely respect them all so much.”

Be sure to catch Carrie perform LIVE tonight during her Live On Letterman concert at 8PM ET/ 5PM PT. The concert will be streamed live so you can enjoy it from your bed, couch, or where ever in your home you prefer. You’ll be able to hear songs from “Blown Away” for the first time before it drops May 1st!

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