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After Brian McKnight‘s x-rated song went viral and made him a worldwide trending, the R&B crooner had some explaining to do. And while he blamed his foot injury (and boredom) for giving him the space to record something “different,” he’s hoping the music will open up a dialogue about sex and satisfaction.

The song, “If You’re Ready To Learn,” raised some eyebrows for its raunchy lyrics and subject matter. While many fans consider his x-rated tutorial to be a major departure from the romantic ballads he’s known for, Brian recently defended his racy tune.

“Is it really x-rated?” he asked Pat & Kim of WAVE/Los Angeles. “If you listened to the radio at all, if you’ve been in the clubs lately, this song would be considered PG — at the very least PG-13.”

McKnight went on to say the reason he thinks the song is getting so much attention is because people “don’t want to have a real, honest conversation about sex.”

“If I hadn’t used [those lyrics], nobody would be talking about it,” McKnight said. “At the very least, people are talking about what’s possible, and maybe about what they may be missing.”

Brian maintains that most critics are missing the point and he has no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed of his song. Not even his mother could make him blush or take back his words.

“You know what’s funny, since I’ve been on this call, she’s called me twice,” McKnight told Pat & Kim. “She hasn’t said anything yet.” After explaining that his parents used to watch “all kinds craziness” when he was little, he said, “I’m sure my mother is going to be fine.”

Most importantly, McKnight has vowed to keep plugging away at the romantic ballads upon which he’s built his career.

“I have not changed the way I’m going to do music from now on. If I was on Saturday Night Live and did this, people would know that [“If You’re Ready To Learn”] was a spoof,” Brian said with a laugh. “But now that I got it, I finished it last night. It will be on iTunes next week.”

You can listen to the entire conversation with Brian McKnight on The WAVE/ Los Angeles.

–Britt Bickel, 94.7 The WAVE with E. Parker

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