Have you ever been to a wedding in an unusual place? When I worked for another radio station, we used to do this wedding in a mall. A MALL!! And, yes, it is just as trashy as it sounds. But the woman who won the wedding couldn’t afford one of her own and was happy to have a wedding gown, engagement ring, flowers and honeymoon all paid for. Until the day of the wedding and she was changing into her wedding gown in the bridal suite (the bathroom next to the food court) and preparing to walk down the ESCALATOR! And that’s when she started bawling. I felt horrible for her to have a memory of her wedding day that clearly upset her so much.

So when I heard about Julie Rodgers-Pittman and Willie Pittman (Bunny and Bear) getting married in an Ikea, I was skeptical…

It turns out it was a great wedding!! First of all, they are a fantastic couple…full of life and good humor and their first date was at that Ikea. The two of them tried to come up with as many dates under $50 as they could and Ikea has a plate of meatball for $2.49 and they had a blast jumping on the couches and dancing to the Muzak. Bear and Bunny had known each other 30 years ago and recently reconnected on Facebook. So when it came time to tie the knot, they settled on Ikea, but (as she put it) “you don’t walk into Ikea with a preacher and get married” so Ikea went all out for their wedding (meatballs included)….

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