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Foster the People‘s latest music video is a behind-the-scenes look at what just might happen if a band member dies before a big concert.

We learned during Coachella that anything is possible to bring a deceased musician to life. While Foster the People aren’t reinvented as holograms in this video, they might as well be.

The video for “Houdini” begins in a tragic stage accident while the band is filming a music video. One minute Foster the People are performing and the next they’re on the floor as the lighting falls and crushes the whole band.

Despite their deaths, the show must go on as the band’s handlers call in a man to help get the job done. What looks like a scene from Men In Black develops as a handful of men in suits come to work on the three lifeless bodies.

The boys are stitched back together and made into robots so they can finish filming and practice for a show the next night.

What looks like them reenacting N Sync‘s “Bye Bye Bye” marionette puppet sequence, the band is soon transformed to lifelike form.

Jumping on the boy band wagon with perfectly calculated and choreographed dance moves, one can only wonder if the fans at the show realize the big secret. You’ll just have to watch above to find out.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local



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