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Brian McKnight‘s X-rated song ruffled feathers and set Twitter ablaze on Tuesday (April 24). The R&B crooner finally offered an explanation for his explicit lyrics and odd sex tutorial, citing a medical condition and boredom for his new found voice.

“I got this boot on my foot, I’m like a month away from achilles tendon surgery,” McKnight told TMZ via video on which he shows-off his medical boot to the camera. “So I’ve been stuck in the house, I’ve been on Twitter more than I normally am. On my timeline all day.”

When asked about the comedic nature of the song, McKnight admitted that it was a tongue-in-cheek effort that was partly the result of boredom.

“This is a parody, I’m having fun because, basically, I have nothing else to do.”

While McKnight became a trending topic, he insists he didn’t intend for the song to go beyond his Twitter timeline.

“It was really just for my 40,000 followers,” he said. “Those are the people who know that I have a sense of humor, that I try to be as funny as I possibly can…”

As CBS Local previously reported, on Monday (April 23) McKnight announced via Twitter that he was working on a song for his “adult” mixtape and that he would post a video to his Youtube page. In the video he played the song, entitled “If You’re Ready to Learn,” which showcases a traditional McKnight melody and crooning. However, the lyrics represented a departure from the soulful love songs he is known for penning, leaning more towards an R rating.

When the video went live, McKnight’s Twitter timeline was hit with a flurry of activity, some expressing disappointment, others appreciation.

While he has since removed his original video, he still intends to release the song.

“It will probably be out next week,” he said. “People will say it’s a publicitiy stunt but what’s the definition of a publicity stunt: That you do something that gets publicity? It wasn’t what I wanted but now that I got it, yeah, I’m probably going to capitalize off of it.”

You can watch the original vidoe here.

–Erik Parker, CBS Local



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