The boys from Hot Chelle Rae recently visited 92.3 NOW/New York to share the inspiration behind their new single “Honestly,” what it feels like to have sold out their first headlining show in New York City… and their Twitter accounts, of course.

Have an ex that has managed to get so under your skin so much that every time you think about them you want to stomp the streets of Manhattan in a fit of rage like Godzilla? Well, to ensure the safety of innocent civilians on the street going about their business, Hot Chelle Rae has created a less dangerous, fulfilling alternative to your anger issues. Their song “Honestly” will be the perfect revenge song to sing at the top of your lungs in the safety of your home or car (windows rolled down, of course).

Lead singer Ryan Follese says “Honestly is our kind of breaking up getting even song. It’s inspired by some true life events and some not. We were kind of just sitting around talking about our ex-girlfriends one day and this song kind of happened. We wanted to do the whole “get even,” posting pictures on Facebook and we’re stoked about it. Its really, really fun and upbeat.”

Guitarist Nash Overstreet says “I think whenever you breakup with somebody you always have the sad breakup song that you’re really devastated to, and then you need the song to get revenge to. And ‘Honestly’ is that one, so hopefully it will be the anthem for anybody who had a weird or bad ex.”

So don’t expect a slow ballad or four part harmonies to help cure the pain you feel inside (We’ll leave that to your favorite French Canadian, Celine Dion). Put away the tissues, throw out the empty cartons of ice cream and suit up for revenge.

Hot Chelle Rae have recently sold out the iconic venue Irving Plaza on their first headlining tour.

Singer Ryan says they’re all “super, super excited about it. I think we’ve been looking forward to this show more than any show for a long time– since the tour started. I think it sold out in like a day or an hour… some crazy number, and we’re so thrilled to play a headlining set finally in New York. This east coast run is going to be amazing.”

The band also spoke about their admiration for each others instrument playing abilities, and say when they can, they will write new music so they don’t keep the fans waiting. Lead singer Ryan Follese explains that he doesn’t like to wait, therefore doesn’t want to make us wait.

How thoughtful!

Be sure to catch them all on Twitter!


–Vittoria M. Colonna, CBS Local



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