“Mama’s Boys of the Bronx” premiered on TLC last night. The show chronicles the lives of a group of 30+ aged men who still live at home with their mothers so they can be provided with proper maternal care that can’t be found outside of the hen house.

Keep in mind these gentlemen aren’t living at home because they can’t find or keep a job, they just enjoy being pampered by their mommas who will do their laundry, cook their dinner, and even stir their coffee.

On last night’s premiere episode, Anthony’s mom was unhappy with all the “loose-moraled” women he continually brings home (NOTE: She uses much more colorful language). Little Anthony’s response?

“Ma, please just make me somethin’ to eat. I’m starvin’.”

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Fresh1027/New York gave “Mama’s Boy” Anthony (Who goes by “Chip”) a wake up call this morning, though it wasn’t the sweet sounds of Taylor Swift getting him out of bed.

“The only thing I got was cold water on my face, my mother woke me up at 7am,” explains the 36-year-old Chip, who called into Fresh just a few weeks ago.

With the premiere airing last night, Chip was in attendance for their big party over at Pine Too on Eastchester Road. And even though his mother is also a star on the show, it didn’t excuse her from the usual duties at home. A nice antipasto was made specially by mom for the occasion.

When asked if he feels bad for making his mother take care of him, Chip insists it is all mama’s doing.

“I don’t make her do anything. Everything she does, she does on her own,” says the 36-year-old. “She wants to do it, let her do it.”

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  1. Louie From da Bronx says:

    This show is just another example of how LOW these bozos will go to make some easy money. I am appalled at TLC for promoting these wanna-be gangsters. TLC NEVER made ANY attempt to verify the backgrounds of any of these guys. LIST UP AMERICA….. Anthony is a two time convict – placed in jail for drug smuggling and real estate fraud. Just heck out this website found on the internet – http://www.10news.com/news/13988534/detail.html. If I can find it, why not TLC? Why promote this disgusting wave of lives to America? WHY TLC????

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