Jim & Kim Present: Producer Craig’s Subway Dilemma!

Today on the show, we talked about something that happened to me over the weekend. I cannot begin to say how much it upset me.

I had just walked through the turnstyle at the subway station to go home when I glanced to my left and saw a young, 20-something woman crouched down on the ground. One of her shopping bags had broken and she was in the process of picking up all the items that had fallen out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an extra bag for her, but luckily, she was able to get everything together.

That’s when I noticed something ELSE happening on the platform…

The story continues…

I had walked towards the platform when I noticed an older man (40-something) with someone who appeared to be his son. He was holding a very professional camera and I saw him taking pictures in that general direction. I caught a glimpse of the LCD screen after he took a picture and it was zoomed in on the poor woman’s backside… with her underwear sticking out!! The man turned to his son and showed him the picture while the two of them laughed like school boys and he turned back to take more pictures.

Listen HERE!


Fortunately, the woman never saw him taking the pictures but I really struggled with what to do!  The subway came immediately afterwards and I made sure I held the door open for her and got her a seat.  The two cowards ran to another car, no doubt to pore over their pictures.

Regardless, this whole incident happened over 30 seconds and I had so many thoughts and emotions running through me while it happened!

What would YOU do in this situation?

We bet Craig’s Gram would have said something!


Officer Ruffles of the “Potato Chip Police” weighs in…


And Lisa would have spoken up as well…


What would YOU have done? Sound off in the comments section below!

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