Has Your Husband Ever Started a Home Improvement Project that Ended in Disaster?

One thing I’m good at (or think that I’m good at) is home improvement projects. It just takes me a really long time to get to them and to complete them. I’ve been working on the molding in my house for the past 12 years. One day I’ll finally finish it and the original molding I installed a decade ago will be ready to be updated!

This weekend, I decided to re-tile my bathroom. I figured it was easy… even without a wet saw (which is what you need to cut tile).

Have you ever used tiles as Frisbees?

What should have been a one-day project turned into a nightmare as I broke tile after tile trying to use a crimping tool to cut it. After a while, I sent them sailing out of the window in my frustration and had to head back to Home Depot for more tiles. Well, it turns out, I won’t be finishing this project after all.

My wife has insisted that I call in a professional.

My manhood took a hit on that one. But it turns out I am not the only man who hasn’t finished a project I started. We talked to Eddy the handyman from CraigsList and Ikea Furniture is a big one for him to save hapless customers from…


And several women called to share their stories of home improvement mishaps including one that ended in a missing limb!!!


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