Up Close & Personal with Train… And a Marriage Proposal!

What could make getting up close and personal with Pat, Scott and Jimmy from Train even better? How about a surprise marriage proposal between two of their biggest fans?!

Wednesday night, March 28th, at the Hard Rock Cafe, the guys from Train (Patrick Monahan, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood) gave NYC super fans an intimate performance… four songs in front of a couple hundred people. But halfway through the show – during the Q&A with the audience – there was a huge surprise… a marriage proposal!

It was one of the most romantic and genuine moments you could ever see – and the boys from Train thought so too.

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Everyone was wondering if it was planned. “Did they know this man was going to propose?” But there was no plan from New York’s Fresh 102.7, who were hosting Train as part of the ongoing ‘Up Close and Personal’ concert series – and neither did Train. The happy couple, Brett and Amanda, have been all over the country to see the band and the up close and personal setting turned out to be the perfect moment for a spontaneous proposal.

Jim & Kim Talk with Brett & Amanda:


Surprisingly, it’s not the first proposal Train has been a part of. Fresh’s Kim from the Jim & Kim morning show had a chance to sit down with Pat, Jimmy and Scott after their performance to talk about the romantic moment everyone had just witnessed.


“I love anybody who proposes,” said singer Pat Monahan. He continued, “We’ve had proposals in really large places and really small places – where I would go out among a couple hundred people and there would be a guy who would want to propose… and then we’ve done some where a guy will ask a girl and you can see on her face ‘it’s only yes for tonight!”

Drummer Scott Underwood added that it’s always special when they get to be a part of someone’s proposal. “We’ve seen over a dozen [proposals] now and every time it’s extremely moving. You don’t think it’s that powerful of a moment, but it really is.”

Patrick shared his personal experience in asking for someone’s hand in marriage when asked about how he popped the question to his wife. “I went and looked at rings with her, and we ‘found a guy’ and he showed [us] this diamond… so later I said ‘honey, we’re gonna have to look someplace else.’ I bought the ring.”

“We were staying in Portofino, Italy and we walked up this trail to this mountain… called Castle Brown. I just totally got scared and said ‘you told me you you’d marry me if I gave you a twisty-tie’ – would you marry me if I gave you this?'” That’s when he gave her the ring she wanted, and also “gave her sunburn and third degree burns on her chin” says Scott. Patrick got in on the joke by saying that “one of her eyes has laser damage from the sun hitting [the ring and bouncing into her eye].

The band also touched on some less lovey-dovey topics such as fans singing the wrong words to their songs (which the guys say is quite alright) and where they keep their GRAMMY Awards. That is, if Patrick ever gets his…

“I have one, they claim to have sent the other one,” said Pat. “I had to get a notarized letter to send them because you can’t really mess around with that stuff. I was like, ‘seriously, I didn’t get it.’ I have no idea who has that particular GRAMMY.”

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  1. Mary Shaw says:

    congrats to the couple 🙂 MANY HAPPY YEARS!!

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