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Jim Douglas sprung a bet on me during the show this morning. Since we’re always picking on each other, he challenged me to a race outside the Fresh Studios to see who can sprint the fastest. We grabbed the microphone and headed out to Hudson street… and this is what happened!

Jim and I have known each other almost as long as he’s known Kim Berk.  We’ve always had a very brotherly relationship. We pick on one another, all in good fun. We’ll pinch each other. I’ll stick my finger in his ear when he’s trying to do something important. Essentially, I’m the little brother he’s never had. And, like any good little brother, I know when it’s time to run away (literally)!

I’ve always been a pretty good sprinter but a horrible long-distance runner. Jim exercises almost every day and works hard on his physique. I, on the other hand, prefer pizza and hamburgers to treadmills and barbells. Jim CLEARLY thought that, even with his advanced age, he would handily best me in any physical challenge he could come up with.

Well, today, he decided to put that to the test live on the air! Unbeknownst to me, he came up with an idea to have a sprint race outside the studios with Kim Ashley as our judge.

Listen HERE!

We went outside, chose the place to start/finish the race and had Kim stand at the end, arms outstretched (with microphone strategically placed).

Wanna find out who won?

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