Boomer Esiason Talks Tebow: “They’re Going to Bring This Tebow Circus to New York!”

“I don’t like the move to bring Tim Tebow here guys, I really don’t,” championship QB and morning man on WFAN, Boomer Esiason said with no hesitation this morning on the Jim and Kim Morning Show.

Boomer was in the studio today to discuss the highly talked about trade in football the is occupying space on every tabloid, Facebook page and Twitter timeline.

They hit all the questions that may be circling around sports fans minds at this very moment — including if Tebow can play well during five or six plays of game rather than a whole game, and how the Jets fans are going to react to the change. They also discuss New York City corrupting the chaste player — something that seems to be at the top of everyone’s list of concerns.


And what about Mark Sanchez?

“I know both of these players personally,” said Boomer. “I like both of these guys, they’re both genuine people, they’re both good people. I just think they’re going to be put in a situation that is no win for everybody involved.”

Kim flipped the switch and asked what Boomer would do if he were in Sanchez’s position, in which he responded that anyone put in this position has to be competitive in order to achieve success, and a rather large pay check.

“One thing i will say, to be a good team you have to be an unselfish one but the reality is in order to make the big money in these sports, you’ve got to be a little bit selfish– and this is going to be a major, major experiment in the human dynamic.”

When talking about the Jets fans, Boomer also made it clear that this situation is not going to be ideal for those who gather in their green and white on the weekends with their snack and beer to watch their beloved New York team.

“Fans nowadays, because of the money these players are making, have a very short fuse and are not very patient when it comes to letting a guy kinda get into a game– they’ll let you know immediately, so I think for the the jet fan there is an expectation that Mark Sanchez is going to fail. But the alternative for that could be Tim Tebow. And I’m telling you right now there is no way that the Jet fan– the guy who gets the chicken wings and beer every weekend is going to watch what Tim Tebow put out on the field what he put out for the Denver Broncos.”

What do YOU think of all the Tebow hype? Sound off in the comments section below…

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