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There’s a little known tradition that happens every Leap Year, women all over the world propose to the men in their lives.

Now honestly, in this day and age, I don’t see why anything is stopping women from doing whatever they want any time of year. Guys, be forewarned next time a February 29th rolls around, there may be a diamond ring waiting for you.

One seemingly normal British gal took advantage of the once-every-four-year opportunity to propose to her man. Only problem, he’d only been her man for a couple of weeks!

So, right there in the middle of a party (total party foul), surrounded by what appears to be a whole gaggle of drunk people, this girl gets down on one knee.

It’s kind of a sweet proposal if you go for the whole we’ve-only-been-dating-for-five-minutes thing, “I know it’s only been two weeks, but it’s been the best two weeks of my life. You’re so, so special,” she says. “Will you marry me?” She follows up with the ultimate qualifier, “It’s a leap year, so I’d have to wait for four more years.”

Dude says no, and seemingly normal British girl starts to freak out in a major way.

A disastrous night is had by all, except the drunk party-goers that seem to be lapping up every second of it.

Watch the video HERE >

Stay tuned for our inevitable follow-up post about this being a viral video ad for some silly product or service you don’t want…

Ladies, would you propose to your man? Fellas, would you say yes?

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