The All-American Rejects Debut Album Title Track “Kids In The Street”

Gearing up for their album release March 26, the All-American Rejects released the title track yesterday on iTunes.

The nearly five minute song “Kids in the Street” showcases Tyson Ritter’s familiar vocals. Alongside synth-heavy beats, he reminisces of his childhood.

“This song is the theme of the record. It’s this callback to a moment in your life where you were so dumb, but so smart at the same time. The candle of naivety was burning down like that, but the candle of cynicism was yet to be lit,” Ritter said.

In an interview with Nylon, Ritter says their forthcoming album is “about a guy who falls down and figures out how to get back up.”

“When I jumped off to write this record, we fired our management and I fired my girlfriend – it was a spiritual house cleaning,” he said. “I finally felt like I caught up with myself from being 17 to 25, and it’s a weird thing when you’re in a vessel – a time capsule of a tour bus – jumping on it when I’m 15 and being 25 and having an awakening… Truthfully, I thought I’d freak out even more. But it was time to have my quarter life crises.”

He added that the story of the record helped everything come into place.

“I had a vision for everything, even the record cover. When I was 17, I remember rolling up on “Swing Swing” and I was like, ‘Wait, backstage, I can get cigarettes for free?! You gotta be s***ing me.’ That was the only thing I had control over. Now. I have control over the record and the way it’s promoted. With Kids in the Street, it’s nice to know we as a band are more focused and driven.”

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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