Matt Nathanson has been in music for over a decade. As a result, he’s had more than enough time to pull a few pranks while on the road.

Along the way, he has traveled with numerous artists he now calls friends, including Train and Maroon 5.

“I’ve been really fortunate to tour with a lot of great people,” Nathanson said.

Touring the country together often allows collaborations between artists as well as the occasional pranks. Nathanson being no stranger to practical jokes said he teamed up with Maroon 5 to prank Train during the end of their tour last year.

[photogallerylink id=50764]

“During Train’s performance their cello player comes out and dances with Pat [Monahan] in this beautiful dress. So, I got dressed up in her other dress and I looked like a super unattractive transsexual and I came out [with] toilet paper in my hair as a veil,” Nathanson said.

“As soon as he spun her, I went out onstage, grabbed her, threw her off stage and then chased Pat around stage,” he said. “It was wild, it was fun. There’s nothing like getting into a low-cut dress when you’re a dude.”

Fast forward to the three minute mark below to see Nathanson dance with Train last year in Houston.


Just when Train thought Nathanson’s pranking was over he made it clear that he and the Maroon 5 guys meant business. At the end of Train’s set they perform “Marry Me” while a music video for the song is played overhead. The video for features couples talking of how they met and they decided to to make their own version.

“Adam [Levine] and I and the Maroon 5 guys took over and we made a video,” Nathanson confessed. “It starts with a close-up on Adam’s face and [him saying,] ‘I love him so much, he is the one for me.’ And then it pulls back and I’m in this wedding gown with my beard looking at him, touching his face.”

Currently on tour with Kelly Clarkson, Nathanson wraps up his tour in April. Only time will tell if Clarkson witnesses pranks firsthand from Nathanson.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local

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