Jim & Kim’s Colonoscopy Ambush with Producer Craig!

One of the best parts about being a producer is that I don’t have the stress of being the star of the show. I don’t have to worry about the smallest details of my life being exposed for everyone to hear about.

That may be true for OTHER shows but with Jim & Kim, it’s out there for everyone to see! This week’s colonoscopy was something that they refused to ignore and they ambushed me every… single… day about it.  They ambushed me in the studio.  They called me at home on my day off. AND they called my doctor. *sigh*

Like many great things in history (the original Star Wars Trilogy, The Godfather Trilogy, the Toy Story Trilogy), good things typically come in threes. In this case, Jim and Kim took THREE separate opportunities to give me grief about my colonoscopy on the air.

On Wednesday, Jim and Kim took a few minutes to explain to our audience what I had been researching on youtube:


On Thursday, I had off because of the procedure.  That didn’t stop Jim and Kim from WAKING ME UP at home!


And today, they actually FOUND MY DOCTOR and called him to find out how it all went!!!


Here’s the lesson for Producer Craig: The next time I need time off, I’m going to tell everyone I’m sitting in my apartment ALONE and doing NOTHING. 🙂

And, hey, since our parent company is having a Colonoscopy sweepstakes, why not plug that!

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One Comment

  1. Christine says:

    What is the name of Craig’s doctor. He sounded so nice on the phone, and I need a colonoscopy. Craig is a great referral. Christine

  2. Craig says:


    His name is Dr. Todd Linden.

    1. Christine says:

      Thank you Craig. Christine

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