That’s the word. USA Yoga is trying to get yoga accepted as an Olympic sport!

Now, I have tried yoga through the years and not only is it challenging, but it’s fitness benefits are fantastic… but it’s also really introspective and relaxing… not what I picture an Olympic sport to be. And the judges would be basing their scores on strength, flexibility, timing, and breathing.

How can you rate someone’s breathing?

So, we thought it would be more fun to perhaps combine yoga with another Olympic sport to make it a little more interesting… like how about yoga and curling? Or yoga and downhill skiing? Or yoga and weightlifting? And there is where we found our mark.

We called over to Lost Battalion Hall Weight Lifting which has boasted several weightlifting champs over the years and decided to ask them if they thought yoga should be an Olympic sport and what would happen if you combined yoga and weightlifting…

Jerry Dunne, the weightlifting lawyer, was happy to oblige…


What do YOU think? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. matt t says:

    yoga is NOT a sport and SHOULDN’T be competitive!

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