These past couple of days have been all about your favorite Jersey girl, Snooki. You know… when rumors starting going around that she was pregnant, things got a little out of control.

During the last few weeks, reports were saying that Snooki is roughly three months pregnant. But she and MTV producers were freaking out and denying all things baby, because they didn’t want the premise for her new show to be revealed just yet. Also, it’s apparently bad luck to tell people you’re pregnant before the three month mark.

Well Snooks, I think it’s about that time.

WAAAAAAHHHHH! No but really, her signature… er… phrase will be taking on a new meaning.

The filming of her spin off has already begun and a baby store in Jersey City has already agreed to let 495 Productions (Producers of Jersey Shore and Snooks’ spin off) film on location. The owner of the baby store Bambi told TMZ that someone from the production company contacted the store within the last couple of weeks–just when Mama Guidette was denying her fist pumping fetus. But now that she has exceeded the three month mark, an announcement may becoming shortly.

Well there you have it kids. Snooki will no longer be be binge drinking, getting arrested for being intoxicated in public, pulling out the hair extensions of grenades at KARMA, or trying to fight Mike, the ‘Situation’… or as I like to call him, the ‘Instigation’.

That’s right! Her new show will now be about her being a pregnant, rather than her looking like a drunken baby.

>> Click here for baby bump pics! <<

The real question here is: Now that she’s got a mini guidette or guido in the oven, will she love pickles even more? Will she hate them? Will she eat them with something else that is truly bizarre? And doesn’t she fall everywhere? …I’m suddenly worried and frightened for this unborn child’s life.





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