Oh yeah, I was not exactly the cutest child to walk the face of the earth. I went through a very awkward phase (that lasted around ten years!) but I eventually outgrew it and came into my own.

And I wanted to put my (embarrassing) photos out there to try and reassure other little girls that what you’re going through in middle school or high school isn’t what the rest of your life will be. It gets better… believe it!!!!

That’s why this new trend on YouTube is so disturbing. Teen and tween girls are posting videos of themselves asking people “Am I Ugly?”


And who better to answer that question than anonymous people who don’t care about their feelings?

Most of us have been there… you’re a teenager and you compare yourself to every beautiful girl in the movies wondering why you don’t look like that. And now they have put that vulnerability out into cyberspace for any mean-spirited person to vote on. Some of these videos are heartbreaking.

[photogallerylink id=74508]

And this morning we wanted to let those girls know that it does indeed get better… you do eventually grow into your teeth and lose the glasses the size of dinner plates.

Case in point, check out MY pics as a kid!


And this morning, it turns out there are many other women who had a rough time in middle and high school and have grown into incredibly successful and confident women…

Here’s Jenny…


Here’s Arlene…


Here’s Andrew…


Here’s Allie…


Here’s Alisa…


Here’s Mary…


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Comments (2)
  1. Julie says:

    My name is Julie and I have been listening to Jim and Kim in the morning for the last 3 months. My husband and I love the banter and the trivia challenge.

    I am writing here for the first time, because I am not a member of You Tube, Yet, I feel compelled to share my views here on this topic.

    I am a forty-nine year old, paraplegic,(From birth), I’m more than fine with it. My weight like many woman has fluctuated for several years, (Decades really) Others have told me how I’d move better, how I’d look better… None of that ever mattered to me, body image matters less it would seem when you know there are no role models out there for me, and no one but me could know how I move or how I feel.

    Society puts so much Pressure on women to live up to ideals. We aren’t “Allowed” to gain weight, age, slow down…. And no there is this new format to make these young girls feel worse about themselves. A self they will out grow in time. Why do we do this to our children? Why don’t we listen to them before they get to a point where they feel posting these video’s? Videos that allow “others” to tell them “Who They,” are based on “How They” look?

    How sad, how lonely these girls most feel?

    All I can hope for these girls is that they find someone in there own lives to share these insecurities with. Someone to show them how beautiful they are as young women coming of age.

    We all blossom, just at different rates. At the risk of quoting Judge Judy here. ‘Beauty fades, dumb is forever.’ Work on the inside, wait for the outside. Anyone worth your time will only reenforce the precious gifts you are.

    Work on developing your mind and a healthy sense of humor. Both will take most of us further than our looks ever will.

    Some of us had to wait all our lives to feel loved for who we are, not what the world sees us as. Girls, it’s worth the wait. I promise you.

  2. Denise says:

    This is really sad. I can’t believe young people are doing this. I just want to say that things will get better and it should’t matter what other people think.

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